Saving Money with Cheap Car Insurance

Paying less for insurance is a priority for most drivers. You must have insurance to drive legally but most drivers never use their policies because they are not in accidents or otherwise damage their cars. When you want to buy cheap car insurance, there are easy ways you can find the lowest rates.

Remove Non-Essentials

There are lots of add-ons insurers like to offer drivers. You probably do not need them or have access to them in other ways that are cheaper. The following are extras you can do without:

Car rental - since you will be required to use a credit card to rent a car, you can remove this benefit from your policy if your rewards credit card offers better rental rates.

Towing - it is true you are not spending more than $30 annually to have this included on your policy. However, it is unlikely you will need a tow each year. Since a single tow averages around $100, you can save money by removing this benefit from your policy and just keeping money on hand if you do require towing.

Roadside assistance - unless this is a freebie from your insurer, you may be paying more for this service through your insurance company than if you purchased a membership through AAA.

Ways to Reduce Rates

Finding cheap car insurance is easy when you know how the insurance industry works. Experts recommend taking the following actions when you want to save on insurance:

Review deductibles - higher deductibles mean lower premiums. Increasing deductibles is often the fastest way to get cheaper insurance.

Look for discounts - each insurer offers its own discounts so you need to shop around to find the company that offers the most discounts you qualify to get. Popular discounts include:

  • Safe driver
  • Good student
  • Multiple vehicle
  • Safe vehicle
  • Loyalty
  • Multiple policy

Keep only coverage you need - liability and uninsured motorist insurance are must have policies for all drivers. If you own a low-value vehicle, you can save money by dropping collision and comprehensive coverage.

Shopping for Low Rates

The best way to find cheap car insurance is to shop around. Get quotes from several insurers and see what they have to offer. Be sure to get new quotes from your existing provider. You may find you can get cheap car insurance just by updating your policy options and benefiting from new discount opportunities.